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Astro-Tarot describes a unique way of predicting the future using stones, stars and tarot. It was developed under spiritual tutelage - a process which is still ongoing, as it is for all of us, all our lives.  But we do not live by tarot or astrology alone. On other pages in this web you will find all kinds of ways to develop and enrich your life, some you can buy with money, some are changes you can make yourself, all have to be worked at.

Note: this web is still under construction. Pages marked accordingly


Planting by the Moon. 

How to grow crops in tune with the Moon and stars


Build your own Sweatlodge

It's easy, but warn the fire department before you kindle the logs


Live in a Tipi (teepee)

book by Patrick Whitefield


View the Earth from the Moon - or the Sun, or a Satellite - you choose


Witchvox - the Witches' Voice


Web design***********************Webs to go! Ready

Planting by the Moon***********Planting a grow grow! Ready

Astrology   ************************Astrology to go! Ready

Astro-Tarot ************************Learn a new art!

Cycling****************************Main page plus one story


Genealogy     *********************Ready

Design and printing*************Designs a go go! Ready

Organic gardening**************Done a bit

Astronomy************************Some interesting links

Biography    ************************Done a bit  

Links       ******************************done

Wicca - craft of the wise ***********done

Tarot       ******************************zilch

Writing and publishing************zilch

That Dog!    **************************zilch

Dreams    *****************************zilch


When I'm online you can communicate direct by clicking the icon. Even when it says I'm not here, I usually am. Give it a try anyhow, it'll store your message and give it to me when I'm back.


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They didn't have anything in my area but you might be luckier! I'm on their mailing list so I'll know when something comes on line. If I'm not dead of hunger by then of course.

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